Cheng & Parham Realty Group  is a leading residential and commercial real estate group serving Great Vancouver residents and brings years of experience in real estate sales, marketing, customer service, and negotiation to every transaction they facilitate. As an integrated group, we represent a wide range of clients from first-time homebuyers to investors in re-sale properties, condominium, family-houses, town-houses,  pre-sales, and new home sales.

Our mission is to deliver promised incredible results to our clients by providing matchless customer service and leveraging the latest technologies.  The “client first” philosophy has always been our approach and technology has allowed us to do everything we’ve always done – only with much more precision and effectiveness.


TONY CHENG   Real Estate Adviser

A short personal story that made me become a realtor. My family has immigrated to Vancouver back in 1990. I was only 10 years old at the time. I still remember how our realtor helped my family of eight. No one spoke a single word of English. The hard work we saw allow us to give our complete trust to him. he not only find us the perfect home. He got us the best price on the detached property in that area. we could not believe the hours of hard work he put towards our home buying.

This personal story is what I strive for on day one. I want to be the hardest working Realtor to provide the same happiness that our realtor gave us when we first landed. I hope anyone that give my real estate group their trust, I personally hold full responsibility to provide the best value and smoothest transaction no matter is Commercial or Residential. My ultimate goal is smiling clients.


PARHAM BAGHAIE   Real Estate Adviser

Ph.D in Architecture, PMP, LEED Green Associate

The real estate industry today is constantly evolving, and you need a professional who understands this diversity and is positioned to stay ahead of the game. I have more than 12 years of experience in the building industry including real estate, architecture, and construction. I am proud to be best known for my ability to maintain excellent relations with clients. Also, I am a Member of AIBC as an Intern architect. Based on my experience and the strong commitment to my craft, I am confident that I can contribute to the client satisfaction and I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how I can help the clients to meet their goals.

You need an adviser who is on the cutting edge of “new ideas” and technology to serve you better. I try my best to keep the TRUST. My clients benefit greatly from my aptitude in effective marketing especially social media marketing and our ability to leverage many varieties of advertising.


Why Choosing Us?

Working As a Group

When Cheng & Parham Realty Group is working for you, as oppose to an individual agent can provide many advantages.  The biggest plus is that a well-organized team can be more efficient in serving your specific needs.  A team of agents can be in four or five places at once, and there is a larger window for constant communication.  Having a team on your side means that multiple heads are working together to constantly find a solution for you.  A close team of agents will typically share ideas and tricks of the trade with each other. While there may be friendly competition, teams will work together to reach a common goal of serving all clients to their fullest potential.

Better Tools


When you are ready to buy, Cheng & Parham Realty Group can offer the edge through our High-ended and up to dated website which is attached to our social pages. Don’t forget, that our inventory of property listings also means that you can be first to know of properties that we are working with that will be coming to market in the days and weeks ahead of their MLS listing schedule. Add to this our extensive local knowledge of the regions of Vancouver DT, Vancouver West, NorthShore, Coquitlam and Burnaby and the pros and cons of certain areas and neighbourhoods, and it’s evident that we can fast track your knowledge of real estate to where it needs to be to help you make an informed decision. Need help outside of our area of expertise (different geographic area, professionals in system inspections, lenders, lawyers, etc)? We know where you can find it.


Let our marketing bring you to the forefront. In addition to the internet coverage that you would expect with our multiple websites, social media, and data tracking reviews, we still believe that more exposure = better exposure. Every marketing avenue we target is with the goal of getting the ever elusive Buyer engaged in conversation about your property. How many Realtors can offer this local service? Our marketing efforts are made to reflect what we would hope for if we were selling our own properties.

Not much can beat market share dominance in terms of the ability of a real estate team to connect with potential Buyers. See these data sets (insert link to the page with graphs) to see where our efforts will get your property. If you were shopping for a property, wouldn’t you call the market leader first? This market share allows us a greater contact and market reach with the general buying public, but also with our real estate peers.

A Multilingual Group

Data collected by researchers shows how, over the last few decades, metro Vancouver has become similar to other Pacific Rim “gateway” cities, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Sydney. Each of these gateway cities have rising housing costs that are fuelled by high immigration-driven population growth and foreign investors.

Multilingualism is the natural potential available to every normal human being rather than an unusual exception: “Given the appropriate environment, two languages are as normal as two lungs. Being multilingual immediately says to our clients that we are the effective communicators. It will widen your opportunities in any deals, and allow you to interact with numerous conditions throughout the selling/buying process in various cultural geographic locations that would otherwise be closed off to you. This means a better deal, more exposure, and more success. With a multilingual realty group on your side,  you can understand and appreciate cultural references and nuances in any real estate transactions. You can be more capable of separating meaning from the form of the other side of the table.

Local Knowledge

Many years of Real Estate, Construction and Architecture experience on the Cheng & Parham Realty Group and daily interactions with a localized market mean that we are on the front lines to see individual neighborhood market conditions and effects. We can offer you our knowledge or the locations to find the industry buzz about your neighborhood of choice. We will help identify comparable sales with more than an examination of what’s on paper, but with first-hand knowledge of the comparable properties and use these facts for your to create and informed decision.


Not finding the house of which you are dreaming? Let us scour the back inventory of non-sold, exclusive, and the people we have talked to recently who have expressed interest in selling soon.


Thinking of selling, but not ready for the onslaught of Buyers? Let us check our buying-ready list of contacts to see if we can find an advance sale for you!

Always Available

The strength of the Cheng & Parham Realty Group lies in our tight working group size and constant communication. Whether you are buying or selling, when you need someone available to you who knows what’s happening, a member of the Cheng & Parham Realty Group will be here for you. If your realtor is on a course, gets sick, or is out of town for family, who do you have at your disposal? With the Cheng & Parham Realty Group, a team partner will be on standby with your detailed situation at the ready. Never be left in a lurch where a purchase or sale opportunity might be missed. We understand this may be the most important acquisition or disposition of assets in your life! We are here to treat you as we wish we would be treated in the same situation.


With many local transactions under our belt, our team has seen more than many realtors will in their entire career. Let our historical market knowledge help you understand the value in the unique property you are buying or selling, what was the neighborhood before residential, and where are the up & coming areas. We’re living and working in this community and we consider it our role to be as informed as possible to be able to provide the best service to you.

If we can’t answer a question, we know where to find help. Our experience has enabled long-standing relationships with the local government departments, processes, and related service fields. Let’s put the missing puzzle pieces into place, together.


Nothing keeps a real estate group in business except hard work and the reputation that they are built upon. We live and work in the area and are invested in the process of welcoming you to the area as our friend and neighbor. Ask around to the local lawyers, bankers, and community members – we believe that you will like what you hear. Our business is counting on it!

Our reputation and its benefits extend beyond our interaction with Buyers and Sellers to the connections we make with professionals in related trades. You can benefit from our professional networking among other realtors, cultures, communities, inspectors, lenders, lawyers, etc.

Ultimately we raise the bar by:

  • A strategic and multifaceted marketing plan is in place so we showcase our properties on an international and local platform to allow for the widest net to be cast for potential qualified buyers.
  • Your property listing will be featured on Cheng & Parham Realty Group, Relator.ca, MLS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. The marketing power of theCheng & Parham Realty Group network will deliver close to a billion impressions in online and print media, far exceeding any other real estate company internationally.
  • Online statistics will be tracked for your property.
  • Professional photos will be taken and a detailed, in-depth description will be written for your property in order to entice the right buyer.
  • Detailed color brochures with multiple pictures and bilingual description are given to potential buyers as they visit your property.